Mini Style Workshop (3.5 hrs)


Image of Mini Style Workshop (3.5 hrs)

What you can expect:
-initial free consultation 30 min
-outlining individual priorities and style ambitions
-personalized dossier with psychological/social/professional profiling
-customized style program with quantifiable objectives and critical path.

Here are a few examples programs clients can choose or combine:
-wardrobe budget and goals
-personalised colour theory tutorial
-wardrobe overhaul (designer physically comes to your home)
-uncovering your vintage style period
-establishing wardrobe 'must-haves' for body type and lifestyle
-dressing for your body type tutorial
-how to stretch the wardrobe budget
-channeling a timeless look
-how to have a fresh and young wardrobe and sill dress age appropriate
-mastering evening wear, day wear, office look etc
-finding the style balance between elegance and function
-living in style: lifestyle tips to improve professional or personal image

200 EUR/ hour (min 3 hours)

150 EUR/hr (blocks of 9 hours)

Grous of 5 or more pay 150/hr each (minimum 3 hours)