Made-to-Measure Package (Ladies only)


Image of Made-to-Measure Package (Ladies only)

What you can expect:
-A made to measure collection of 15+1 pieces* of existing NEIMASITAWI designs. Clients will be able to select from the existing NEIMASITAWI design archive, influence color, linings, materials, finishings etc.
-Unlimited personal style consulting for the entire duration of the project (approx 2 months).
-Professional photo shoot in your new collection
-Lifetime VIP discount of 15% on all future purchases of NEIMASITAWI pret a porter
-2 hour reception with friends to present the collection (max 8 guests).

*average price for NEIMASITAWI semi-couture made-to-measure is 1000 Euros/piece.
*the 16th piece is a gift from the designer.