Image of FORMAL WORKSHOP: NEIMASITAWI "360 Style"-  Singapore

Cost: $2,000 SGD (1,200 EUR) /person
Date: depends on group
Time: 10:00a.m-2:30p.m. (includes lunch)
Place: Singapore (Orchard area)
Duration: 5 full-day seminars

First come first served- maximum 15 participants

Luxury stylist, designer and MBA, Neima Sitawi will conduct the majority of the workshop in tandem with professional experts and specialists.

-To offer a 360 degree view of the elements of style and how to apply to daily life.
-To influence the audience's approach to decision making regarding personal image.
-To offer insight into the economics of stylish living and how to best apply a budget.
-To answer any pressing questions that pertain to the individual's style challenges.
-To give scalable exercises, demonstrations and case studies on style dynamics.
-To offer a relaxing, informative and fun atmosphere among women in a safe and friendly environment.

-theoretical styling framework (presentations)
-historic context and reference (videos)
-economic modelling (presentations)
-case study analysis (group work)
-hands-on group styling activities (team project)
-practical demonstrations (how to)
-live model tutorials/guest expert presenter
-training workbook
-homework sheets
-small group format
-open Q&A
-time after each class to socialise and share ideas (includes refreshments)

Module one: 360 style - comprehensive discussion of the spheres of style and the art of being well rounded
Module two: Design 101 - elements and principals of design
Module three: Body image - optimisation, language and presence
Module four: Timelessness - historic styles and understanding your epoch
Module five: The economics of being stylish - budgeting, pricing and allocation
Module six: Day to night - thorough investigation and management of the daytime, evening and professional appearance
Module seven: Accessories - footwear, accessories and mastering the art of silk scarf
Module eight: The perfect host - event/party planning and executing
Module nine: At the table - European wine/food tutorial, tastings and what to know
Module ten: Final capsule - group project presentation

>>If you would like to organise a workshop for a private group in a non- English language, there will be a surcharge of 20%. Minimum 8 participants.

>>All returning guests who have participated in the INTRO "360 Style" workshop will receive a discount of $330 SGD (200EUR)

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